Can I say it ‘Mini Goa’?

Mini Goa or Gangrel is a small and beautiful place in Dhamtari. Dhamtari is located in chhattisgarh state of India. It is famous for its dam at the point where Mahanadi river, Gond river and Shivnath river meets. The beautiful dam has raised the livelihood of people around nearby villages.

The beauty of river at Gangrel is indescribable. Its crystal clear water makes you hungry for the love of nature. The glance at forest and villages around river will amaze you. Going away from city and having the feel of village life is an amazing thing. The fresh air, addictive smell of soil, animals & villagers engaged patiently in their daily routines, beautiful & serene lakes; all this will remind you of your own village, the villages which you never visit due to your hectic city life. The sugarcane crops around road ways will cheer up your mind. The fresh and beautiful greenery is a treat to your eyes.
You were always dreaming of the healthy environment in your city. The same healthy & pollution-free environment is in villages; far away from city.

Near-by gangrel dam, there is a beautiful resort started by Chhattisgarh Government. Booking is done online. The arts and tradition of tribal life is depicted through the bronze statues around resort. The lush green beauty of grass and plants around would enchant you to click photographs around every corner. The wooden architect of resort is eye-catching. The beautiful interiors and designs would make your stay wonderful and worthy.

Just opposite to Gangrel resort, water sports and fun-activities are provided. People could light up their mood by enjoying various water sports. That’s the perfect way to be closer to nature. The water is so clean that you will feel like going in-depth. Always remember to be careful, rocks are slippery and you could injure yourself. The best time to enjoy the cruise & water-surfing is early morning or early evening. That’s even the best time to enjoy sunrise or sunsets. When the sun rays falls in crystal clear water, water sparkles golden colour and that’s the best thing to watch in Gangrel. Such moments are always precious.

“It is well said that it doesn’t matter you praise such beauty of nature or not, the nature would always stay beautiful.” When you are preparing to return to your home after catching the view of beautiful sunsets, the sands spreaded all over the place would try to hold you and lure to stay longer. Such is the beauty of nature, it attracts you and lures you towards its depth.
The beautiful Gangrel is stored forever in my memory. I always wish to have spent more time there. You shouldn’t miss this lovely place, and whenever you experience such ultimate nature’s beauty, please let me know.

And obviously, the Goa like features & chilling atmosphere make it a perfect place to be declared as ‘Mini Goa’.


What is the first thought that strikes your mind when you hear the word ‘Lavasa’?

Intelligently designed architecture & well planned multi-color city with a lake at its center.  Wao! Isn’t it sounds amazing?  Lavasa is a replica of a town called Portofino in Italy. It is located at the outskirts of Pune city in India. As it is located in hills of Pune, so it is very much obvious that you will be crossing the path of clouds while setting out to reach there. You are very much lucky if you own a vehicle and you’re driving straight to Lavasa city. You could stop anywhere around and click a wonderful selfie with hilly ranges, clouds and small snake-like numerous waterfalls which could be spotted easily anywhere during the rainy season. Before entering the city of Lavasa, you would be likely to see a Dam site. This Dam sorts out the basic needs of people living in villages nearby. Villagers would lure you by selling their local products on the roadside. You could have sweet corn by the side of the road as a small treat before you enter the actual Lavasa city.

Apart from all this, what else a Lavasa city brings for you?

A Beautiful & amazingly built city, a view of a very calm lake, pollution free atmosphere, green beauty, water & other sports activities, cycling, night camp as well as other creative events. Food is always my favorite so I would be eager to tell you more about the foods which you could find there. Apart from Italian pasta, pizza one could explore wide varieties of Indian food as well as American sandwiches. Order your favorite item and sit peacefully near the lake. This is what most people do here.

If you love photography, then it’s the perfect spot to get your best clicks. You will enjoy walking around the lake and see the perfect views of the hills above. Apart from this, Lavasa city has created a garden of its own for the enthusiastic florists. Well blossomed flowers, birds and colorful butterflies could be spotted very easily.

If you are planning to do night camping there, then you would be delighted to see the glowing city with multiple light colors being reflected at various spots.

This is my personal experiences in the lake city of Lavasa, you could have your own. You just need to pack your bag and set out to travel. Happy traveling!

“Nainital”- The wonderland

Have you ever been to a place where nature entices you? Yes, it’s called Nainital, the hill station in Kumaon region of India’s Uttarakhand. It is located at an altitude of 2084 meters.

What a beauty! What a weather! I bet, you will love this place in any season of year. I visited this place during rainy days and believe me it was the best of days. I was awestruck by seeing the valleys, lakes, greenery, foggy weather and flowers. The air is fresh and population density is low. In addition to all this, you will get everything of your needs. Enjoy watching migratory birds as they come to lake to add extra shine to this place. Don’t forget to visit ancient temples around, you will get more information there about the origin and myths related to this place. There is one Naina Devi Hindu Temple on its North shore. Sports activities are umpteen, contact your hotel manager for more details. I loved paragliding, the charges per person was 1500 INR that time. You can go for trekking and cable car rides too.

Near to Nainital, there is other place called Bhimtaal, which is a town and Nagar Panchayat in Nainitaal district. It is located at an altitude of 1370 meters above sea level. You will love the Bhimtaal lake as it also has a beautiful fish aquarium at its centre. For reaching there, you could prefer boating. You have a wonderful chance to see wide varieties of sea fishes here. So, don’t miss this if you ever visit this place.

Bhimtaal is also good because you could easily find lake side hotels here at surprisingly lower rates.

Apart from all this, you can have a good time walking around Lake and doing window-shopping at near by shops. You can enjoy boating at lake during daytime. This place is very peaceful and clean. The beauty of this place would refresh your memories and would encourage you to start your journey fresh. Long drive around valleys of Nainitaal & Bhimtaal would make you crazy and glued to the curvy ends of road.

Anytime I hear word Nainital, I wish to visit again and have the lovely moments back. No wonder the name perfectly suits this place naini i.e, eye and taal i.e, lake. This eye shaped lake is the emerald color eye of Lord Parvati as per Hindu mythology. This lake would really make your eye a camera and you will willingly capture as many moments as you can.

The happy garden-Sayaji Baug Baroda

Why the happy garden? The picture defines the happiness.

The beautiful heart tree in first picture would stole your heart at first sight. I guess no body would have given heart shape to it at such height, it is its internal beauty which is getting reflected.

The queue of trees welcoming you would please you. You would be wondered to see this decorated garden with colourful and vibrant flowers.

The birds always make me happy. This is the best place to spot more than thousands of birds during evening or early morning period.

You can look at the old and empty branches of tree which would not have been so beautiful unless the birds have been spotted there.

This was the few glimpses of beauty I captured in Sayaji Garden. For more such glorious moments , one must visit such place and spend a good relaxing time there.

Gateway to heaven- the beautiful Swami Narayan temple

Camera clicks are not enough to capture the actual beauty of Swami Narayan Mandir of Poicha, Gujarat, India.

I would use best of my words to describe the beauty I experienced in place called Poicha. If you visit any Swami Narayan Mandir, you will feel blessed to see the architectural beauty and peaceful atmosphere of place. But this was something different from the temple I visited before. I believe God is same everywhere, what makes them special is the way they are decorated and worshipped. I have experienced the difference in style of worshipping Lord Swami Narayan in poicha. The carvings of temple would be a treat to your eyes. You can see different carvings embedded beautifully on walls of temple.

There are separate rooms for each God, and each one of them is gifted with beautiful touch of artist. No matter where you roll your eyes, you would not stop praising the artist for making such a beautiful place. There are carvings of birds, animals, horses, elephants, Goddess all around temple and each one of them are lookalike. And believe me this isn’t a copy and paste thing, but a sincere devotion of artist to create every carvings to look same and perfect inch by inch.

I was amazed to see the architecture of temple so beautifully decorated and managed. I entered the temple praising the Lord who created mankind i.e, the perfect creation by a perfect one.

Swami Narayan Poicha

In evening you could take part in special prayer where idol of Lord swami Narayan is presented before devotees on horse as well as elephant. The sight is a great relief to those who are truly devoted to lord. You could well spend your day at mandir premises. Swami Narayan is one such incarnation of God who struggled to create a religious atmosphere where people unite,pray and live peacefully. Now the devotees are keeping the dreams of Swamiji alive by managing temples and Akshardham in his name. The peace which I experienced in temple is as precious as treasure.

I hope you would also try to feel what a real treasure look like. Do visit any Swami Narayan temple all over India or around the world and let me know your experiences.